Driver’s License. A driver’s license is a legal authorization, or the official document confirming such an authorization, for a specific individual to operate one or more motorable devices. Buy Registered European Driver’s License Online, Order Real EU Driver’s License Online, Buy Fake EU Driver’s License Online, 

You must apply for a license in the country where you usually or regularly live. As a general rule, it is the country where you live for at least 185 days each calendar year because of personal or work-related ties.

If you have personal/work-related ties in 2 or more EU countries, your place of usual residence is the place where you have personal ties, as long as you go back regularly. You don’t need to meet this last condition if you are living in an EU country to carry out a task for a fixed period of time.

If you move to another EU country to go to college or university, your place of usual residence doesn’t change. However, you can apply for a driving license in your host country if you can prove you have been studying there for at least 6 months.

Minimum age requirements

To get a driving license you need to meet the following minimum age requirements. However, in some EU countries, these may be higher or lower or there may be some additional requirements. There are no upper age limits for holding a driving license. You can keep it as long as you are medically fit to drive, as attested by your doctor.

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